What extra mile?

My name is Davy Brion. I'm an independent software developer/architect living and working in Belgium. I started working as a software developer in 2002, and quickly learned that a lot of developers are too complacent in their efforts. I've seen many developers focusing too much on initial speed of development, while neglecting the long-term effects of the shortcuts they take and their approach to writing code. This typically results in increased maintenance effort or even rework afterwards, and substandard results for end users. I want to be proud of the software and the quality of work that I deliver, so I've been focusing on improving my skills and approach to writing code on a continuous basis. I strive to deliver software that works great, keeps working great over time and allows sustainable long-term development. I want my clients to be happy about the software I've worked on long after I've moved on to other clients or projects. And that requires aiming for a level of quality that you just don't reach by settling for what others consider to be good enough. It requires going that extra mile to get there.

I started blogging about software development in 2007 as a way to challenge myself to keep learning new things while also improving my abilities to communicate clearly on technical approaches and practices. Not only has this been a great learning experience, the increased readership and exposure led to some interesting opportunities which enabled me to have a bigger impact through my work. Because of my posts about NHibernate, I was invited to join the NHibernate development team and contributed to the project for about a year. While I'm no longer involved with the development of NHibernate, I still provide an extensive set of examples to maximize the results you'll get from using it as well as a training course based on these examples. Another series of posts of mine led to the creation of the Agatha project, which is a request/response service layer. That project is no longer under active development since I prefer and recommend HTTP-based API's or asynchronous messaging over RPC these days. You can find more of my code on Github.

I started That Extra Mile in January 2011 to offer a few services in the field of software development. You can read more about these services on the other pages on this site. My professional activities are mostly in the .NET space, though I'm very interested in other development communities as well, particularly the Ruby and Node.JS communities.